Chicago Public Schools
Project Brief
Design the five-year vision book, website, and supporting print and digital collateral. Each five-year vision plan sets all the high level strategy CPS works towards. This was a highly involved process involving many departments, expert focus groups, and all C-suite executives and the Board of Education. The Marketing Department was tasked with navigating this all to produce these materials.
I worked on much of the collateral for this project alongside my Senior Designer, either creating new layouts for the book, making revisions, selecting and editing photography from the Communications team, and discussing designs at executive meetings. We ended up working through 17 versions of the book with all stakeholders before final publishing. The images below show a handful of layouts from the final book (PDF access here) and my poster design that was put up in all 600+ CPS schools.
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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